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Career Portal is designed to provide all career related information at one place. You can visit our all blogs related to career in Career Portal in a systematic way. We placed information and analysis in a manner that the reader can get required information in not  only theoretically but also practical implementations. We provided the short and long details in different aspect about every career. If you read below information with interest and attention, you will be able to know your aptitude and the career which matches to your aptitude. If you still need guidance you are free to join us for career counselling. Click here for career counselling. Get ready to shine your self.      

Career Planning is the systematic process in which one evaluate himself or through counselor/trainer/teacher in order to make choices and decision about one’ career in life. Career Development is the on going process to keep progress in already adopted career. 

Career planing is the most important before jump into the practical world. Click here to read more.     


Doing Business (DB) is a great thing, if you have respective knowledge and skills. Major failure of business especially in Pakistan is lake of pre establishment knowledge and consultancy. According to Doing Business Report, 2009 of World Bank Pakistan’s score is 136 out of 190. It is improved by 11 points from last year (147/190). Although it is encouraging sign but Government of Pakistan need to invest more time and efforts to improve doing business parameters. There is need to do the things professionally by the  business men. 

If you are interested in business, there are two possibilities for you; 1- You want to engages in your family business (which is already established by your father, mother, brother etc.) or 2- you have to start new business. in below sections I have explained the details of both.  

Existing Family Business

It seems easy to join Existing Family Business (EFB) by new comer. But practically it is not as easy as thought. 

New Business

Government Sector Jobs

Private Sector Jobs

Self Employment